This brandy bottle, Suau 50 Reserva Privada Capitán Suau, is the pride of our cellar. The maturation and aging process in oak casks initiated decades ago.

The secret of its exquisite quality lays in time, silence and in the microclimate of our cellars which are armoured by a wall that is 1,80 meters wide, impenetrable by smells and noises.


Aspect: Dark mahogany, saturated in a long aging process. It presents a brightness that makes it unique because of aging in oak casks.

Aroma: Very well defined in distilled wines, which has been transformed during a robust aging stage. Of a great aromatic complexity, fruit of a composite of alcohols, these have given way to a majestic combination of oxidation with the components of the casks that have kept them for many years. It has an aromatic balance that evolves in a complex form from its initial aroma; reminiscent of ripe plum that brings an end to a mixture of aged wood.

Mouthfeel: Light dryness, marked viscosity and a feeling of fullness in the mouth. It reminds us of a robust vintage and aged oak with hints of caramelized and de-hydrated fruits, such as grapes.

Throatfeeling: Soothing and refreshing with a slight burn, which is reminiscent of its alcoholic degree, it is unctuous and persistent.

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