Friends of Suau

The success of the Club is based on the quality Bodegas Suau has developed over its 150-year history.

As a member of the Club (established in 1992) you will own a barrel of brandy which will age in the darkness of our cellar, improving year after year. When you extract some of your brandy, the product will have aged and therefore improved. However, you still only pay the original 15-year-old brandy price.

The eight bottles annually extracted are hand crafted. Bottling and labelling is done manually, and the label indicates the number of the barrel, the owner’s name and the date of bottling. The cost of these bottles is based on the bottling process, alcohol tax and the amount of alcohol that we use to refill the barrel.

A 32-litre-barrel filled with 15-year-old brandy, for exclusive use only. Only eight litres can be extracted annually (this is the maximum that can be extracted in order to maintain the quality of the remaining brandy and the ageing process). Currently all our barrels have an owner.

Annual maintenance: The brandy is made of alcohol, which inevitably, evaporates, and the American-oak-barrel also absorbs some of the liquid. We ensure that the barrel always remains full, by refilling it frequently with 15-year-old brandy.

As the motto on the entrance says: TEMPVS EST AMICVS MEVS (time is our friend).

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