Brandy 1851 remains for 8 years in barrels.

Aspect:  brilliant dark amber, no suspended particles.

Aroma: Good balance between all of its components, well blended with no irritating aromas.

Mouthfeel: Concordant to a well aged distillate, all the flavours are well integrated, lightly sweet and fruity.

Throatfeel: lightly stinging, no bitterness or sharpness, it stays in the pallate recalling a good distillate from aged grapes.

Premium brandy, traditionally aged in the microclimate of our underground cellar in Mallorca, using the “solera” system and under the same conditions as 160 years ago.

Aspect: Dark amber, bright with copper flashes in the glass.

Aroma: Very good aromatic integrity between all of its distillate components and oak wood.

Mouthfeel: It is reminiscent of the wine alcohol fermentation, slightly sweet, fruity with aged oak wood and vanilla hints.

Throatfeel:  Slightly sharp, neither bitter nor spicy. It remains well in the palate. It is reminiscent of the initial notes of its aromatic composition.

The production process of the Suau 25 Selección Bodega remains purely traditional, as we are conscious that its exquisite quality lays in time, the silence and the microclimate from our cellar.

Aspect: Slightly viscous, of a dark mahogany color.

Aroma: Toasted and wooden, reminiscent of wine alcohols well transformed and aged during a long period of time.

Mouthfeel: Slightly spicy in the mouth. It has a toasted wooden taste with dry fruits, vanilla and walnuts. Slightly sweet and perceptible when swallowed.

Throatfeel: Slightly sharp, not spicy, unctuous and full in the palate with a retro-nasal soothing feeling.

This brandy bottle, Suau 50 Reserva Privada Capitán Suau, is the pride of our cellar. The maturation and aging process in oak casks initiated decades ago.
The secret of its exquisite quality lays in time, silence and in the microclimate of our cellars which are armoured by a wall that is 1,80 meters wide, impenetrable by smells and noises.

Aspect: Dark mahogany, saturated in a long aging process. It presents a brightness that makes it unique because of aging in oak casks.

Aroma: Very well defined in distilled wines, which has been transformed during a robust aging stage. Of a great aromatic complexity, fruit of a composite of alcohols, these have given way to a majestic combination of oxidation with the components of the casks that have kept them for many years. It has an aromatic balance that evolves in a complex form from its initial aroma; reminiscent of ripe plum that brings an end to a mixture of aged wood.

Mouthfeel: Light dryness, marked viscosity and a feeling of fullness in the mouth. It reminds us of a robust vintage and aged oak with hints of caramelized and de-hydrated fruits, such as grapes.

Throatfeeling: Soothing and refreshing with a slight burn, which is reminiscent of its alcoholic degree, it is unctuous and persistent.

Suau Madelon Mallorca


This outstanding brandy opens our range of exclusive spirits. It was a Suau 25 solera that was left in static ageing for another 15 years. It is a unique and extraordinary product that will impress any spirits lover.

This is a limited edition with a maximum of 300 bottles every 2 years.

S´Or de Suau

We are pleased to introduce you to our most prestigious brandy, ” S´Or de Suau”. Elaborated from the blend of our eldest brandies in 1967, and then aged in old sherry barrels, likewise obtaining an exceptional product. The bottle is the work of the master glaziers of Gordiola, which makes each bottle unique. The box is made of natural wood, made by “La Letreria”, Mallorcan carpenters who are experts in specialised wood design.

Made on the island of Mallorca, respecting the traditional processing methods in strips, the product complies with current regulatory requirements of Brandy of Spanish origin, although its formulation dates from the 19th century.

The underground cellars were built in the early nineteenth century with very peculiar characteristics that allow a controlled temperature, humidity and air circulation, throughout the year, which give our brandy a touch of distinction in the quality of the aging process.

BRANDY SUAU ORANGE is the result of the combination of SUAU 8 with a careful maceration of different parts of various types of oranges, which provide the aromatic phase and its own identity.

For sweet oranges such as form Valencia, we macerate the mature peel, the white peel, and parts of fruit juices, and soul taste of Curaçao oranges known as Lahara orange, only the dehydrated green peel is macerated which provide lots of bitter citrus essential oils to the product.

The selection of fruits with a suitable maturity allows us to get persistent aromas in time and provide the product with aromatic and flavor stability as well as a large presence of the sugars of these fruits.

Once all the parts of the different oranges have been macerated in alcohol for several days, these are distilled in our traditional stills in order to extract the different aromatics. This process is performed three times to obtain the final composition and purity.

After the mix is aged for 3 months in American oak barrels to obtain a balanced, proportional and properly product integrated into all aromatic phases.

Appearance: Dark amber, shiny, without suspended particles.

Aroma: In aging transformed wood, balanced with well defined citrus notes, without irritating aromas, good balanced between all components, well integrated citrus macerations and with aromas of the distilled wine spirits oxidized in aged oak wood.

Taste: Marked sweetness, well aged spirits, all flavors well integrated with a touch of bitter orange and lemon remembers well the wine fermentation and citrus maceration.

Feeling when swallowing: Slightly sharp, no bitterness, no itching, remains the palate remembering a good aged grape distillate, and the freshness of sweet orange, Curacao orange and lemon.


The Best Kept Secret

En 1919 Bodegas Suau elaboraba un Gin totalmente artesanal con productos locales, 100 años después volvemos con la misma filosofía: Gin Suau, 100% mallorquín. Ginebra elaborada en Mallorca a base de higuera local, romero y naranjas de Soller.


The Caribbean and the Mediterranean, Cuba and Mallorca. Oak barrels with a Caribbean flavour and oak barrels with the flavour of aged Brandy Suau. This exquisite “Jungla” Rum was born as a personal project to achieve an exclusive product with a very special bouquet. We have selected a high quality rum aged in the Caribbean to provide a second ageing in our Mallorca Wineries, in barrels where previously we aged our famous Brandy Suau.


Brandy Solera Reserva

37% vol
700 ml

Brandy Solera Reserva

37% vol
700 ml

Only for online orders and direct purchase at our cellar. Includes cylinder case.

Brandy Solera Gran Reserva
Selección Bodega

37% vol
700 ml

Brandy Reserva Privada Capitán Suau

37% vol
700 ml

Brandy Solera Reserva

37% vol
700 ml

London Dry Gin

43% vol
700 ml


40% vol
700 ml

S’Or de Suau

37% vol
700 ml

Suau Madelon Mallorca

Exclusive Brandy
Limited edition

37% vol
700 ml

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